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Helping and collaborating on work nature of identity, roots and Latin tradition.

In Peru we gave support to Machupichu layers of design work and Maritza Guevara news conference with Hispanic Carnival.

Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, countries that are already part of our family, the doors remain open, there is much to be done, together we can.

Referring to the Carnival of Barranquilla achievements have been enormous, we have given prestige, name and dignity.

In Community Service category, the Citizen has benefited Campana 20 applicants we expect for the next day receive more sponsorships entrepreneurs.

The structure of the Alas Foundation USA. Members are honorable individuals, prestigious society linking is voluntary, as the committees. and have a commitment, ministry of service to the Community. It is governed by the Board consisting of the following committees:

- Cultural Management Committee - Management Committee support Business Innovation - Committee on Citizen Help There are honorary members and members of the Board for the honor of his experience, his contribution and advice.

2117 N State Rd 7 Hollywood, FL 33021 USA   |  1 (954) 981 4747, 1 (561) 247 1505, 1 (954) 600 7017 |

Alas USA through their social, cultural and business innovation It has successfully fulfill its mission of service to the community and enhance the values, integration, family, individual being, social being.

-In The Enterprise category has several agreements in Miami Dade County including Doral, Broward County, including Hollywood, and overall South Florida. He has also received the support and trust of Florida Foreign Association, he is an active member of Alliance, is part of several agreements with more than 25 local Chambers of Commerce of South Florida. USA.

- Free Seminars - Free Conference - Work shop Free - Networking For more information click here (make the link with - Similarly.

Alas USA, helps small foreign entrepreneurs living outside the United States with a program tailored to their needs, guide bases as starting and growing a business in Florida.

It also collaborates with the partnership of business missions with members of the Alliance and has a program COLOMBIA FLAG, which is in the nature of business conference, net working for Employers of Colombia, trade mission, to facilitate their growth, development and strengthening and exchange with and in the United States.

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- In the cultural category , since 2009 the Wings USA Foundation, through the excellent management of its president are leaders and pioneers of the rebirth of the Carnival of Barranquilla in Miami after the collapse suffered by removing it from the cultural scene in the South Florida . It has also been invaluable support and promotion of Hispanic folklore in Florida.