SPANISH CONQUEST , for the small American entrepreneur who wants to venture into the Hispanic market outside the United States, learn more about Latino culture in the field of business , get a distributor, a product showcase , promote a service , develop a business event , translation services , ALAS Foundation USA offers a portfolio of free aids and / or services at a very moderate cost.

3-CAMPANA CIUDADANA. Innovación social
Ciudadanías Gratis

Este programa de naturaleza cívica, social, aplica a la población con dificultades económicas, por debajo de la linea de pobreza, brindamos apoyo a quienes califiquen conforme a las regulaciones de elegibilidad establecida en la ley.

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Alas USA developed the following programs for the benefit of the Community based on cultural innovation, business innovation, SOCIAL INNOVATION INTERNATIONAL. 


Cultural Innovation ALAS USA Inc. promotes Latin American culture in the United States. The main cultural program is the International Carnival of Barranquilla.

Since October 2009, have been leaders and pioneers in the development of Hispanic heritage in Miami, Carnival of Barranquilla International has achieved a position as a cultural program Miami Prestige, The Wings Foundation USA with continuous work, sustainable, excellent tine the merit of having achieved the Barranquilla Carnival show in the most important events in South Florida.                                                              

International Carnival of Barranquilla has been promoter, organizer and co-producer of the Parade of Nations Celebration of Miss Universe in Miami in January 2015. They are also the managers, executors and organizers of the Grand Parade of Carnival of Barranquilla and Folklore 8th Street Miami, in 2013 was the first Great Parade, 2014 In the second Great Parade was attended Carnival King Momo Guest of honor, in the Third Great Stop Carnival and folklore I had the presence of Queen Christina Felfle, Guest of Honor. It is part of our successes Barranquilla Carnival International in Miami. For more information about the carnival of Barranquilla Connect directly to




Our roots , our identity, our culture, our food , our idiosyncrasies , our dances , our folklore , our art. All expressions are welcome. We promote the defenses of Latin America , This home is the foundation of all Hispanics To invite all folk groups and musical talents either in-band or soloist register. 

Participate in events , cultural promotion directory . It is very important your registry to receive updated information of events , scheduling and so the opportunity to participate and receive benefits shall be interactive programs , meetings and events of the association


Business Innovation It is a helpful tool for the small business Alas USA, as American Association of the United States developed in the field of business support the mission of creating bridges of benefits to the business community in Florida and outside the United States , running options face to face meetings and business appointments set the particular needs of each employer that allows them to achieve their wellness goals, internationalization and growth . 

For this purpose Wings provides the following services: free seminars Conferences qualified free trade Missions Business conferences (expo -business ) for small businesses through the agreement The Alliance Partnerships with professional, educational, business, cultural world of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach in Florida.

We have the experience , knowledge , infrastructure to fulfill the mission of service to the community that drives us every day and pushes us to grow. The conventions of the Free Trade Sister City agreements , agreements Inter -institutional initiatives for growth and expansion of small businesses are the platform to leverage the greatest benefits of international exchange.

For more information, to small local entrepreneurs in South Florida participates in initiatives to grow the business of Alliance wheels